Our essences are all natural and the same method of extraction is used for all our essences.  We preserve with alcohol.

We use the best vanilla beans from Madagascar and Papua New Guinea, to make this 100% Natural Vanilla Extract, based on the alcohol extraction method, much better than sugar based methods.  Our vanilla does not crystallise when heated.  The alcohol evaporates leaving a full vanilla flavour behind. A must for the enthusiastic baker who loves making cakes.

Our Natural Rum Essence is great to make rum balls, add flavour to drinks and enhance ice cream.

Natural Lemon Essence is a very intense lemon flavour makes this essence perfect for lemon cheesecake, lemon glazed icing and your own limoncello after dinner digestif.

Natural Orange Essence is a rich orange flavour and is  perfect for adding a touch of orange to cakes, cookies, chocolate and cocktails and cooking.