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Custom Spice Blending & Packaging

Whittingtons provides premium custom spice blending and packaging services including private label and contract manufacturing.  The product range includes herbs, spices, mustards, essences and sauces. Our factory is fully equipped with processing, packaging, storage and logistics facilities. We are very flexible in our approach and ready to handle a wide variety of formulations, batch sizes and packaging formats. Whittingtons can also accommodate seasonal requirements. New products with immediate or short-term windows are easily handled and maintained by the Whittingtons Australia team.

Contact us today on (08) 9204 5788 or sales_1@whittingtons.com.au to discuss your contract manufacturing needs. 


Developing Your Concept: From Blend To Bottle

Variety is the spice of life! With a full line of spices and herbs and an extensive library of seasonings, we can add perfectly balanced flavour to any food manufacturing application. We can customise your process to provide quality and consistency for any need.

Custom Made

Looking for a unique seasoning to distinguish your product? Our teams of R&D and manufacturing professionals provide the expertise to guide you throughout the development process from concept to scale-up manufacturing to help make your seasoning truly stand out.

Food Service & Retail Private Label Packaging

The presentation of a product can have a huge impact on how it is ultimately received. We have extensive experience developing every aspect of the process – from the development of the initial idea using pure spice to custom spice blending and packaging. We are fully equipped to prepare products in a variety of package sizes and options.


We follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in our facility and at our farm. To assure our customers of our food safety protocols we are externally audited by Sai Global for our HACCP certification. All our herbs and spices are Halal certified. Some of our mustards and most of our essences incorporate wine and alcohol as ingredients to enhance flavour therefore these are not Halal. If you have any further questions regarding our certifications please call David or Michael at (08) 9204 5788.  
Sai Global Haccp Certificaton Halal Certification Good Manufacturing Practice